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402 Title e-Pay is a secure and convenient method to manage your earnest money deposit. This service ensures that your funds are transmitted electronically and encrypted, providing a safe and fast option that eliminates the need for wire transfers and paper transactions. With 402 Title e-Pay, you can initiate a transfer in under two minutes.

Our primary objective is to safeguard your closing funds, and we utilize cutting-edge tools from our industry to achieve this goal. We strive to serve you with the utmost convenience while maintaining the protection of your money and time.


  • 24/7 Accessibility

  • Email Notifications about the Process

  • Receive Refunds or Commissions

  • Protects Sensitive Information

  • Full ID Verification

  • Earnest Money Deposits

  • NO Extended Waiting period for Cleared Funds

  • Connect to Any Financial Institution in the US

  • Protected Routing and Account Numbers

  • Request / Pay From Anywhere

  • Automated Receipts

  • Funds Verified

  • Cash to Close for Refinances

* Before the closing, all incoming funds must be received and cleared.

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